We invite you to review our offer of teleradiology services.

Medical Center The Medici is a unique company created by radiologists to provide diagnostic centers with remote consultations. Our team of specialists is comprised of certified radiologists employed on site and who actively exchange experiences and knowledge to provide you with the best possible interpretation. In contrast to our competitors, we do not employ random specialists spread across the country, but focus our team on site to allow full cooperation between the specialists, ensuring the high quality of diagnostic interpretations and adherence to schedules.


Our services are not only limited to the remote interpretation of images. We provide active support in organizing the workflow in your diagnostic centers, training radiologic technologists, and assist in preparing protocols for CT and MRI scans.


If you are interested in opening a new diagnostic center, we offer assistance in choosing the best equipment that would suit your needs. You can choose either a stationary PACS/RIS system or a cloud-based PACS/IRS to run on your own devices. Our expert will optimize the currently available market solutions that would best suit your demands.


Our best asset is 15 years of continuous experience in radiology.


Our advantages are:

  • A qualified team of specialists trained in renowned medical facilities and the University hospitals of our region:


We interpret: Classical Radiography (X-ray) MRI, Computed Tomography, and Mammography


We have specialists trained in interpreting studies in neuroradiology, muscular-skeletal radiology, pediatric radiology and oncology

  • Assistance in installing and connecting your diagnostic station, necessary to open a safe teleradiology connection – free of charge.
  • Short waiting times for the interpretation of your studies. All offers are individually negotiated to suit your demands. The maximum waiting time is 24 hours, with a legal guarantee of delivering on-time.
  • We provide 30 years of storage for your data.
  • Low rates; payments per study or a flat rate. 
  • Remote access to study interpretations over an internet portal available 24/7, or integration with your clinical software.  
  • Prints may be customized to include your own trademark.


We offer a full RIS/PACS system capable of transmitting data to our facility: a teleradiology system based on DigRa software.


A short description of the technical and functional facts:


An integrated RIS/PACS teleradiology system

  • is capable of the buffering, safe transmission, and sharing of medical images in the DICOM 3.0 standard between a subserver in a remote location and our RIS/PACS server at Medical Centers The Medici
  • supports formats: DICOM JPEG LossLess, JPEG LS, JPEG Lossy, Encapsulated PDF,
  • enables integration with the qualified digital signature of the interpreting specialist
  • allows automatic transmission of images to specific diagnostic stations or main server depending on type of the study and implemented protocols via the autorouting function
  • In the case of any changes in a patient’s personal data or study data in RIS system, the data is automatically updated in the central RIS/PACS server
  • Quick information about Implementation Research in the RIS/PACS system
  • CD/DVD writing via an in-built application or an automated robot.



  • Encrypted transmission between the subserver and the RIS/PACS server at the consulting facility or diagnostic stations (depending on the DICOM workflow)
  • Access to PACS system modules available from stations with an installed SSL certificate, after the system confirms the identity of the operator who is logged in.
  • To ensure maximum security we provide the connection between high-end edge routers for transferring research through a secure VPN channel.
  • Integration with any software using the HL7 file exchange standard.


We do Access System RIS/PACS in the cloud with the possibility of remote description research in our institution using RadiBox services:


We offer access to an RIS/PACS cloud system utilizing RadiBox software.



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